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26 – 28 June 2024 | National Institute of Education, Singapore
About the ISTEM-ED Conference

ISTEM-ED 2024 is an inaugural STEM education conference organised by the Multi-centric Education, Research and Industry STEM Centre at the National Institute of Education (meriSTEM@NIE). This conference aims to offer STEM academics, scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers interested in integrated STEM curriculum and research a professional platform to share and gain new insights into important topics related to STEM teaching, learning, evaluation, assessment and research. The hyphenation between ISTEM and ED underscores the strong connections between STEM and education. The capitalisation of “I” before STEM signifies “I” as an individual in the self-actualisation process to becoming a STEM educator and researcher through dialoguing about STEM education and research with the international fraternity.

About the ISTEM-ED Logo

The ISTEM-ED Conference logo integrates a stylised hypersonic vehicle swooping high over a sunrise. The curved horizon emphasises the global nature of the conference and the dawn of an exciting time for integrated STEM education. The precise, energetic red sweep of the craft represents all at once, not only the scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical knowledge and their natural integration inherent in such an technical endeavour, but also the universal aspirations for STEM education. Spot the subtle hint of a double-helix in the overall form of the logo to know that integrative STEM education is in our DNA, and it is our hope that the conference serves to propagate that DNA for generations to come.


ISTEM-ED 2024 Singapore is organised by the Multi-centric Education, Research, and Industry STEM Centre at the National Institute of Education (meriSTEM @ NIE), Singapore. NIE is an institute of the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

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