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Theme: With-In and In-With STEM Education Research

In the last decade, integrated STEM education research has emerged as a relatively new field in education studies. While most academic scholars are not trained in integrated STEM education, many of them have straddled between disciplinary-based education research and STEM education research. The latter presents many exciting new inspirations and opportunities for the individual disciplines to be designed, enacted, assessed, evaluated, theorised, and researched. "With-in" refers to the emergence of integrated STEM education research from within the monodisciplinary education research as academic scholars bring their knowledge from science education, engineering education, mathematics education, and technology education to construct new understandings in this emerging field. "In-with" suggests the collective efforts of the academic scholars working together to legitimise integrated STEM education as an independent field of study informed by robust research and undergirded by theories. This conference is a platform for researchers to be part of the exciting journey in co-constructing their identity as integrated STEM education researchers. 

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